Crosspoint Kinetics

IN: Crosspoint Kinetics Appoints Veteran Salesperson to Lead Hybrid Sales

Crosspoint Kinetics announced the appointment of Steve Cooney to lead the company¹s sales initiatives. The seasoned sales pro will be based in Indianapolis and will serve as the company's first full-time vice president of sales.

Cooney¹s new post will have him working directly with public transit agencies and private fleet managers as well as vehicle manufacturers and their dealers.

"I¹m excited to join the Crosspoint Kinetics team and share their passion for reducing America¹s impact on global warming, emissions, and consumption of foreign oil," said Cooney. "The fleet managers I¹ve met so far have been exceptionally innovative, looking for unique ways to economically green their fleets. I look forward to meeting and learning from many more in the months ahead."

The Kinetics Hybrid is already used on nearly 200 class 3-7 buses and light trucks across North American to boost their fuel efficiency by up to 30 percent and reduce their harmful emissions by a similar amount. The ³bolt-on² electric system connects to the drive train and uses high-tech ultracapacitors to capture the braking energy typically lost to heat. The hybrid then reuses that energy to propel the vehicle during launch, when fuel efficiency is typically at its lowest point.

Prior to joining Crosspoint Kinetics, Cooney was Midwest regional sales manager at Snap-Tite, where he increased government sales by 52%. He began his career and worked for a decade at Navistar International, one of the world¹s largest manufacturers of trucks and diesel engines, where he served as Truck Sales Manager, Retail Truck Salesman, and Dealer Development Manager.

In addition to meeting Crosspoint Kinetics¹ clients one-on-one, Cooney will also be a regular presence at trade shows, industry ride-and-drives, public transit association meetings, and other events throughout 2014.

Crosspoint Kinetics CEO, Merritt Becker said Cooney is the ideal person to serve the public transit and private fleet markets.

"Steve understands the unique challenges of the fleet managers and owners, working with them to find applications for our hybrids that will show the most significant returns," said Becker. "His customer service orientation and high level of integrity fits our company¹s approach and will serve Crosspoint Kinetics¹ clients well as he establishes long-term partnerships with them."