AC Transit

CA: AC Transit Buses Fitted With New Fare Boxes

As part of its ongoing campaign to give passengers A Better Ride, AC Transit has refitted all of its buses with a state-of-the art fare collection system that makes boardings quicker, less confusing and much easier to tally.

AC Transit is the first bus company in the nation to outfit its entire fleet—569 buses — with the “talking” high-tech Fast Fare boxes that interact with passengers using full-color, lighted displays and automatic audio responses.

The Fast Fare boxes replace the agency’s more bulky, 14-year-old machines that are now obsolete, prone to malfunction and often require costly and difficult repairs. With smaller frames, the new fare boxes leave more room to maneuver, particularly for wheelchairs. They also have:

  • A low failure rate for improved reliability
  • Bill and coin validation for more accurate accounting
  • Faster processing of bills and coins for improved boarding speed
  • Dispenser for Day Passes, effective on July 1
  • Improved, lighted passenger interface with full color display
  • Audio response that assists passengers in paying fares
  • Modular component replacement minimizing repair time and maximizing bus availability
  • Modern design including advanced features for mobile ticketing and smart cards, if needed for future fare payment options.

Although the machines will accept all valid U.S. coins and currency except for 50-cent pieces— the new fare slots are slightly different, so riders are encouraged to take a good look before inserting their bills, coins, and transfers.

Also, riders should know that the new fare boxes do not accept transfers from BART or other transit agencies. Such transfers should be handed to the bus operator.  However, Clipper Card users will still tag their cards on a separate reader at the front of the bus.