Greater Lafayette Public Transportation Corp. (CityBus)

IN: Record Ridership for CityBus

A record number of passengers rode CityBus in 2013. System-wide, 5,459,000 riders boarded a CityBus bound for their destinations to work, school, appointments and shopping. This is a 2.5 percent increase over the previous record of 5,327,744 million riders in 2011.

“Our record year demonstrates just how many members of our community rely on CityBus,” said Marty Sennett, general manager. “Recently the Indiana Department of Workforce Development announced improved unemployment numbers for the Lafayette area. More people are working and many of them may not be able to afford cars. We’re helping them get to their jobs.”

In addition, many riders are opting to utilize public transportation in order to save money and reduce their carbon footprint. Eliminating one personal vehicle and utilizing public transportation saves $9,700 annually and reduces a household’s carbon emissions by 10-30 percent according to the American Public Transportation Association.

CityBus ridership crossed the 4 million mark in 2004 and ridership has increased steadily since. CityBus has the second highest ridership in the state. Only IndyGo in Indianapolis carries more riders.

“We’re very proud of the service we provide to the community,” said Sennett. “Going forward we’ll continue to look for ways to improve the routes and the overall experience for riders.”