CG/LA Infrastructure Inc.

DC: Statement by CG/LA Infrastructure Inc. on President Obama's Remarks in the State of the Union

President and CEO of CG/LA Infrastructure Inc.  Norman F. Anderson issued the following response to President Obama’s State of the Union address:

"CG/LA Infrastructure was encouraged to hear President Obama's emphasis on first-class infrastructure.  This is a unique time for our country,"  Anderson said. “With a distinctive period of opportunity, massive infrastructure demands at home, the cheapest electricity in the world driving huge new investments in manufacturing, and a global liquidity bubble that needs a long-term home, we are in a position to create the largest strategic building program in our nation's history."  

"Infrastructure has to be at the forefront of our national priorities - not only is this our obligation to the next generation, but the $435.7 billion in pending infrastructure projects would create 3.3 million direct jobs in the U.S. over the next two years and add at least one percent to our national GDP each year for the next six years," Anderson continued.  "We have been given a unique moment to drive our country forward to truly world class infrastructure, manufacturing and opportunity creation — and we need to seize it.  We look forward to contributing to a much-needed plan and vision that yokes private sector vigor to a vision of growth and opportunity for all Americans."