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CA: Christie Introduces New Series of Front Access Display Cubes

Christie has introduced a new front access video wall cube product that enables high performance rear projection video wall displays with minimal installation and maintenance space required. 

All the benefits of Christie’s latest and brightest Entero HB DLP LED-based technology display are available in a platform that allows video wall cubes to be positioned directly against a rear wall, removing the need for maintenance space behind. The first front access cube model, the Christie Entero HB 70-inch HD, will be joined by other front access models including 50-inch and 70-inch SXGA+, and 72 inch WUXGA.
Christie’s front access system design addresses space limitations with the ability to put the cubes up against a wall without compromising performance, image quality or reliability. Customers can gain valuable space in their control room design by placing cubes directly against a wall, while maintaining the narrowest screen gaps in the industry and utilizing a smart air flow design for superior system ventilation.
The front access system is designed to take advantage of the Christie Entero HB systems’ user and web interface to enable remote control release of the screen for front service access as well as remotely performing fine geometry alignment by the integrated 6-axis geometry alignment system.  Screen and geometry control are provided via the remote control, computer or tablet. The screen is on a slide mechanism and opens up with reliable and consistent positioning, via remote activation of solenoids, providing full access to the internal electronics from the front of the cube array system, allowing for exceptionally quick servicing and minimal downtime during maintenance operations.
"With space at a premium at many installation sites, front access cubes make it possible to install them right up against a wall or a structure,” said Jim Gavloski, senior product manager, control rooms, Christie. “It’s a significant design element that will greatly expand the installation flexibility and ease of maintenance within our entire Christie Entero HB line.”
Christie's front access system with motorized six-axis adjuster provides alterations for image quality. To access system internals, the installer simply engages the intuitive user interface on the chosen device — PC, tablet or even smart phone —  and the system pops the screen away from the cube body, allowing the installer to move the screen out of the way for full front access. The internal electronics module has been adjusted to make the LED display viewable from the front. Since no space is required behind the display wall cube, it makes them ideal for control room environments where space is restricted.
The new and improved Christie Entero HB video wall projection solution is based on the company’s LED platform. Launched in November 2012, the Christie Entero HB has a display cube solutions have up to 1,100 lumens capability. They feature proprietary third generation ArraySync automatic color and brightness management technology that monitors and adjusts color and brightness levels across the video wall in real-time for uniform display wall visuals for the lifetime of the installation. The units are designed for 24/7 environments.
“With more than 30 years of industry expertise, Christie is ready to provide its customers with the perfect control room solution, and now, with the new front access system, the fastest way to access the interior electronics of our popular Christie Entero line of display cubes,” Gavloski said.
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