Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA)

CA: OCTA BikeShare Pilot Program Kicks Off in Fullerton

The Orange County Transportation Authority has kicked off a bike-sharing pilot program that provides commuters with a convenient, healthy and emissions-free transportation option in Fullerton, Calif.

The OCTA BikeShare pilot program on Jan. 13 began a 90-day testing period for the public to try the system and provide feedback on their experience. BikeShare initially has 10 stations where bikes can be checked out, including at Fullerton City Hall, Fullerton Transportation Center, the SOCO parking structure, College Plaza shopping center, First Christian Church, Fullerton College and four locations at Cal State Fullerton.

BikeShare allows rail and bus commuters the chance to get to school, to work or to make a short trip around town without getting into a car. Users sign up for an annual membership – $75 for regular membership and $45 for students. Short-term passes for one day or one week also are available. Members get access to an unlimited number of trips 30 minutes or less, making it ideal for short trips around the city.

Those wanting to use the bikes for longer trips can do so for minimal additional fees. Bikes can be docked at any BikeShare station and users receive an electronic receipt via e-mail when their bike is docked and locked.

Irvine-based Bike Nation is operating the pilot program through a contract with OCTA. The bikes are designed with safety and ease of use in mind. They include a bright white frame, reflective tire sidewalls, magnetically powered front and rear lights and a bell. The bikes also include puncture-resistant tires.

Bike users can access safety information and an updated station map with real-time information about bicycle availability at the kiosks where bikes are accessed.

The launch of BikeShare is part of OCTA’s continued efforts to improve mobility and close the gaps between commuters’ starting points and their final destinations, the so-called first and last miles.

Orange County has more than 1,000 miles of bikeways with an additional 700 miles planned, supporting the introduction of a bike-sharing program as a green transportation alternative.

Fullerton was chosen to pilot the program because the two-square mile area includes a Metrolink station, a downtown business area and three college and university campuses.

Although the initial program is in a small area, data gathered during the pilot program will help OCTA understand the larger benefits if the program were expanded to other parts of Orange County.