Rock Island County Metropolitan Mass Transit District (Metrolink)

IL: Metrolink Opens New Transit Station

On Jan. 13, 2014, Metrolink's new “District Station” opened for business.

The transit station is part of a larger transit-oriented development block located on the corner of 20th Street and 2nd Avenue in downtown Rock Island, Ill.  The station will also complement  “The Locks,” a 34-unit housing development that will support Rock Island’s growing need for market-driven, live-work housing and supports the Federal Transit Administration’s Livable Communities Initiative.

Metro’s new district station replaces the current on-street transfer site located at 16th Street and 3rd Avenue.  The new station will provide nearly 2,000 square-feet of enclosed passenger waiting area complete with restrooms, a passenger information kiosk, and a 52-inch monitor displaying next bus arrival information.  The station lobby features a glass enclosure, which allows passengers an open line of sight for observing incoming buses. Ten individual bus bays with canopies are designed for easy pull-in and pull-out, and each is equipped with real-time signage featuring a route number, next destination, and departure time. Over 2,000 transit riders are expected to transfer at the district on a daily basis. 

The station incorporates a number of sustainable elements, including a photovoltaic roof that is expected to generate the majority of the electrical needs of the building.  Other sustainability efforts include occupancy-controlled lighting and the re-use of rooftop water runoff for the station’s water feature. It’s anticipated that the station will obtain a LEED Silver certification.  The $2.1 Million transit station was funded through a Federal Transit Administration Bus and Bus Facilities Livability Grant.