PA: Southco Introduces Tilt Display Mount with Non-Counterbalanced Torque Option

Southco Inc. has expanded its Tilt Display Mount product line (T Series), offering versions with or without counterbalanced constant torque.

The AV-D25 Tilt Display Mount Basic provides reliability and tilt positioning and offers a solution for moving and positioning heavy panels and displays, while the counterbalanced version provides even lower operating efforts.

The T Series class provides easy adjustment of a display’s tilt angle for optimal operator comfort and features integrated positioning technology that provides precise control and customization of operation. Southco’s T Series eliminates the need for constant maintenance and readjustment, enables effortless fingertip positioning and boasts a tested, repeatable cycle life that ensures reliable long-term use.

Product Manager Jim Ford adds, “With the addition of the T Series Basic, Southco offers a simple, yet reliable solution for tilt-only applications, as well as the ability to upgrade to a counterbalanced version for more demanding application needs.”