Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (Metro)

DC: Metro Makes Improvements to SmarTrip for Metrobus Riders

Two changes are coming to Metrobus fareboxes beginning Jan. 10 that are intended to make the boarding process a bit faster bus riders. 

For passengers adding value to their SmarTrip card aboard the bus, the first change means it will only take two taps to complete the process versus three previously.  On the first tap, passengers can add value.  On the second tap, the farebox will add the value to the card and deduct the bus fare in one step. Metro has added a safeguard feature so that riders are not overcharged if they accidently tap their card after adding value, or if they pay their fare first and then add value on board.

The second improvement is a new tone that will sound if a rider's SmarTrip card has less than $1.60 in stored value remaining.  The low balance warning tone is intended to remind passengers to add value before they take their next trip to minimize boarding delays.