NC: TransLoc Introduces New iOS App for Transit Riders

Mobile transit apps are no longer a want, but a need to reach a tech-savvy rider base that expects and rewards an excellent mobile experience. TransLoc is proud to introduce a brand-new app that makes using transit easier and attracts new riders.

"Over half of Americans now own a smartphone, and they're using it for a lot more than talking," said Curt Pasfield, TransLoc Product Manager. "Mobile access is the key to better communication with riders and increasing rider satisfaction."

Real-time information usage data reflects the already exorbitant mobile consumption rate of riders: from 2012 to 2013, TransLoc saw monthly usage of its industry-first smartphone apps more than triple with app usage accounting for almost 82% of total traffic. Mobile technology, however, now demands that "good enough" is no longer good enough.

The response is TransLoc Rider, an app designed entirely for the needs of the mobile rider with innovative features and a user-friendly interface. Riders can now set alerts to notify them when their bus is arriving. This allows them to focus their undivided attention on the task at hand, instead of distractedly watching the clock for fear of missing the bus.

TransLoc Rider is also location-aware, eliminating many of the obstacles infrequent or unfamiliar riders experience by automatically identifying nearby agencies as well as the closest stop and its routes and arrival times. All routes and stops within a 25-mile radius are instantly searchable with just a few letters, placing the entire transit system at the riders' fingertips.

The release of the new app underscores TransLoc's ongoing commitment to provide the best possible user experience and reflects their mission to revolutionize transit for riders.