Bitzer US Inc.

GA: Bitzer Introduces New CSV Series Compact Screw Compressor

The CSV series of intelligent, networkable compact screw compressors features unrivaled efficiency thanks to their ultramodern technology. The fully integrated frequency inverter is cooled by refrigerant and includes automatic, infinitely variable speed control to ensure the right temperature profile.

Proactive monitoring of the application limits guarantees the utmost in operational reliability. While older systems simply switch off when a deviation is detected, CSV series compressors send an advance warning to the overriding controller, allowing you to take preemptive action.

All CSV series compressors are fitted with pressure and temperature sensors, oil heater control and power supply monitoring. All components are functionally pre-wired and tested, so installation is remarkably quick. Our CSV series compressors are also easy to use in combination with CSH and CSW
series compressors for maximum efficiency with no hassle. Further benefits of the CSV series include broad operating parameters spanning the entire speed range, compact design, soft start function and an automatic compressor system check every time the compressor is switched on.