Greater Richmond Transit Company (GRTC)

VA: IVR is Coming to GRTC’s Care and C-Van Service

GRTC Transit System announced a new service addition to its Specialized Transportation division that provides Care and C-Van services to the Richmond Region.

In February 2014 an integrated voice response (IVR) system will be implemented to automatically remind Care and C-Van riders by telephone of their reservations one day before each reservation.

During January 2014 Care and C-Van customers must telephone the GRTC Care Customer Service Department and provide a current primary telephone number. This number will be the designated contact number for the IVR system.

Since calls from the IVR system will only be made to the primary phone number provided by the customer, it is advised that the customer’s cell phone number be used. That way, customers will receive the IVR calls wherever they are.

Some future enhancements to the CARE IVR system will include the following notifications:

• When the scheduled CARE van arrives to pick up the rider
• To notify customers of their “No Show” occurrences as they happen