Bitzer US Inc.

GA: New Ecoline Series – Progress Across the Board

Bitzer is presenting the New Ecoline reciprocating compressor series at AHR 2014. The compressors are now even more versatile and available for use with R134a, R404A, R407A, R407C, R407F, and R507A. With the new series, Bitzer is transferring all the advantages of the proven Ecoline series for R134a refrigerant to an even broader range of applications. 

The new series is 3 - 10 percent more efficient than its predessor, as we have lowered pressure drop by redesigning valve plates and cylinder heads as well as pistons and rods. Our virtually stepless capacity control [CRII] enables capacity control from 10 – 100 percent. New Ecoline models are also designed for VFD operation from 30 – 70Hz (2-Cyl) and 25 – 70Hz (4-Cyl).

The New Ecoline series has a HP range from .5 – 50HP and includes three specially adapted, high efficiency motor options as follows: Motor 1 version is for high-temp applications; Motor 2 version is for refrigeration applications up to +35°F SST; and Motor 3 version is intended for supermarket R134a applications.

The New Ecoline series is backword compatible with the previous generation, as the mounting holes and service valves match-up for easy installation.