Edmonton Transit System (ETS)

AB: ETS Ridership Doubles in 11 Years

In the past 11 years, Edmonton Transit System (ETS) ridership has nearly doubled, increasing from 44 million rides in 2002 to 86.7 million rides in 2013.

As more and more Edmontonians choose to take public transit, ridership on ETS has increased by 1.6 million rides, which is 1.8 per cent over the projected increase for 2013. At 86.7 million, the total ridership for 2013 is 4 million rides more than 2012, an increase of over 5 percent.

“Edmonton Transit continues to enjoy outstanding success in attracting riders in a trend that started in 2002,” said Charles Stolte, manager of Edmonton Transit. “Getting more people to travel actively and sustainably is one of the City’s highest priorities and these numbers show that we are definitely travelling in the right direction.”