New Flyer

CA: Glendale Beeline Takes Delivery of 10 40-foot Low Floor CNG New Flyer Buses

New Flyer Industries Inc. announced Dec. 12 that the city of Glendale, California has taken delivery of ten 40-foot low floor compressed natural gas (CNG) buses.  The ten buses were options under an existing contract signed in September 2008 for up to 90 40-foot heavy-duty CNG buses.  There are no units remaining in this New Flyer 5-year contract which expired in September 2013.

Since 2001, the city of Glendale has purchased 40 New Flyer low floor buses, including these 10 new buses.  These buses will be used on Glendale Beeline where the fleet is now entirely composed of New Flyer buses. 

“With the December 2013 delivery, Glendale Beeline becomes the first public transit agency in Los Angeles County to operate with all low floor buses,” stated Kathryn Engel, transit manager for the city.

New Flyer`s low floor transit buses provide step-free entrance ways, offering improved passenger accessibility and maneuverability.  The Glendale buses have also been built with the most advanced engine cooling system built by EMP (Engineered Machined Products), using electronically controlled fans.  These electric fans are designed to significantly improve engine cooling, increase fuel economy, reduce emissions and increase overall operating efficiencies.

“We are proud to be given the opportunity to once again build for the city of Glendale,” said Paul Soubry, president and CEO of New Flyer Industries.  “New Flyer has nearly 20 years of experience developing CNG systems.  Having delivered well over 5,000 CNG buses to more than 75 customers to date, New Flyer has gained invaluable experience that benefits our customers with the most advanced CNG bus in the industry.”