Guardian Industries Corp.

MI: Guardian Automotive Introduces Custom Glass Solutions to Serve Diverse Transportation Segments

Guardian Automotive reinforced its commitment to a diverse and growing set of customers within its business when it launched Custom Glass Solutions, a company dedicated to meeting the glass needs of various transportation segments sometimes referred to as bus, truck and train or off-highway vehicles.

“As we continue to refine our business strategies we seek opportunities to create sustainable value for the company and our customers,” explains Mike Morrison, president of Guardian Automotive. “We have always been committed to our ‘specialty’ business, but by formalizing this commitment we send a strong message to our customers that Guardian is focused on mutual, long term growth.”

In addition to laminated glass, the company also manufactures flat, bent, and tempered glass systems, offering a broad range of capabilities and the most diverse selection of products for many different transportation segments.

“Our customers are used to working with traditional automotive focused glass suppliers or smaller privately owned facilities with limited capabilities, which can lead to supply issues,” says Neale Yeomans, director of Custom Glass Solutions. “We’re responding to a void in the marketplace for a glass supplier that is dedicated to the needs of the so-called specialty transportation segments."

Custom Glass Solutions serves customers big and small including well-known global brands as well as smaller, regional operations. With a dedicated footprint to custom manufacturing, the company offers products like large, one piece windshields, door glass, insulating glass, roof glass as well as more advanced technologies like coated glass solutions, various forms of heated glass and even glass with embedded LEDs.

“We are harnessing the resources of a large corporation with laser-like intensity to meet the glass needs of a very diverse set of customers,” says Yeomans. “We are able to consistently offer more value to our customers and that is beginning to resonate.”

Yeomans says large volumes are not a prerequisite to do business with Custom Glass Solutions. “We will make 10 parts or 100,000 parts,” he says. “The message to our customers is clear, Custom Glass Solutions is devoted to your business.”

Guardian Custom Glass Solutions offers customers everything from research & development to marketing and technical support required of advanced glass solutions. Its full in-house testing capabilities ensure all products meet safety and quality regulations as well as specific customer requirements. The company is focused on seven main customer segments, including:

  • Commercial Transportation, which includes heavy trucks, utility trucks, freight trains, shipping vessels and more.
  • Public Transportation, including city buses, school buses, tour buses, commuter trains, trolleys, subways and more.
  • Lifestyle Vehicles, including recreational vehicles (RVs), power sports equipment (UTVs, ATVs, etc.), recreational watercraft and more.
  • Construction & Agriculture, which includes construction equipment like bulldozers, cranes and mining equipment and agricultural equipment like tractors, combine harvesters, crop sprayers and more.
  • Safety & Protection, including fire trucks, police, ambulance and other rescue vehicles.
  • Non-Mobility, which includes non-mobile applications that use glass like appliances, solar, gaming and more.
  • Service Parts, which includes dealer direct shipping programs, aftermarket service and more.