Miami-Dade Transit (MDT)

FL: Miami-Dade Transit Buses Undergo a 'Clean' Makeover

Miami-Dade Transit (MDT) is replacing the original fabric-covered seats on Metrobus with fiberglass inserts to help maintain the cleanliness of its vehicles. 

The new fiberglass bus seats are stain-resistant, easy to clean and comfortably contour the passenger’s body. In addition, these new seats do not retain dirt and odor the way traditional fabric seats do.  To date, 322 buses have been retrofitted with the new fiberglass seat inserts. MDT plans to install the fiberglass seats throughout its entire 800 vehicle bus fleet.

MDT passengers are also being asked to do their part and contribute to the effort to keep transit buses clean.  Disposable trash bags are now on board, making it easier and more convenient for passengers to place their garbage in its proper place.