Hexagon Metrology

RI: Hexagon Metrology Unveils New Laser Tracker Probing System for the Railway Industry

Hexagon Metrology announced Dec. 3 its new handheld Leica B-Probe designed for the inspection, alignment and assembly of large railway coaches produced and maintained by manufacturers and professionals serving the railway industries.

This entry-level, wireless probing device extends the capability of the Leica Absolute Tracker AT402, a portable measurement system used to accurately measure and inspect in a radial volume up to 1050 ft. The Leica B-Probe can save thousands of dollars for manufacturers in custom targeting and tooling with its ability to inspect large parts, assemblies and unusual measurement configurations. Working in tandem with the AT402, the B-Probe solution will make railway coach inspection faster and cheaper, while delivering more accurate, consistent results. The wireless probe’s small footprint and wireless functionality make it ideal for railway metrology applications.

The Leica B-Probe works within a 32.8 ft (10 m) radial distance from the AT402, offering greater capabilities and flexibility over similar systems that have fixed-base stations. The lightweight 6.7 oz B-Probe features IP50 certification for ingress protection against dust and is AAA battery-powered, an ideal complement to the ultra compact, intuitive design of the AT402 laser tracker. The working range of this system can easily be multiplied with almost no loss in probing accuracy by utilizing the move station method. For larger parts or measurements that require higher accuracies, a standard retroreflector can be used in combination with the B-Probe to take full advantage of the AT402’s accuracy and 525 ft radial measuring range.

“Manufacturers and maintenance technicians serving the railway industry will benefit from the measurement flexibility and consistent results delivered by the Leica B-Probe,” said Duncan Redgewell, general manager of Hexagon Metrology’s Laser Tracker Product Line. “We recognized the coach cars and machinery produced by this industry required range, portability and inspection of hidden features, but had only modest accuracy requirements. The B-Probe was designed specifically for these applications. The B-Probe fills a market niche between reflector-based measurements and our high-accuracy offering based on the Leica T-Probe and the Absolute Tracker AT901.”

The Leica B-Probe is available immediately at hexmet.us/bprobe and is distributed through Hexagon Metrology’s worldwide sales network and resellers. Adding the B-Probe accessory is as simple as adding a reflector to a laser tracker, and any AT402 laser tracker already in use can be upgraded with a B-Probe by the user.