Decision Lens

VA: Decison Lens Debuts Capital Investment Optimization Product Focused on Improving ROI

Decision Lens announced Nov. 26 the introduction of Decision Lens Capital Assets, specifically designed for capital planning professionals. 

Capital Assets was developed to streamline an organization’s capital planning process and get them to an optimized, customized, and defensible multi-year investment plan up to 80 percent faster than before.  Decision Lens Capital Assets incorporates industry expertise and best practices, as well as powerful visual analytics, to enable organizations from dozens of industries, including transportation, mass transit, facilities, water, and public works and utilities, to more quickly develop performance-based investment plans with proven ROI. 

With Decision Lens Capital Assets, capital planning professionals will be able to more strategically allocate the hundreds of billions of dollars in capital spending that get invested each year across these industries.

Decision Lens helps streamline their investment planning process while also making smarter, higher ROI selections with their budget.  The launch of Decision Lens Capital Assets will enable even more organizations to implement a systematic, repeatable prioritization methodology that accelerates the process from months to days; drives consensus between stakeholders from across the organization; and provides full accountability and transparency into how the investment plans were determined.

“The unveiling of Decision Lens Capital Assets is truly a remarkable step forward in finally solving the internal budget fighting and politics that so often plague decision makers’ abilities to optimally plan and spend billions of dollars in capital budgets,” said John Kealey, CEO of Decision Lens. “Organizations from all public and government industries need the same outcome: a well-thought out, performance-based investment plan for capital projects that delivers high value against the strategic goals of the organization. Decision Lens’ ability to provide a collaborative, repeatable, and automated prioritization process finally delivers the platform that answers the challenges facing capital planning organizations every day.”

Decision Lens Capital Assets is available now for capital planning and investment organizations managing budgets ranging from $1 million to $100 billion.  There are 3 editions of the product available to fit all capital planning situations and sizes.