Germany: GIRO Secures New Hastus Customer in Bavaria

Following preliminary tests and a conclusive pilot project, the Regensburger Verkehrsbetriebe GmbH (RVB) purchased Giro’s internationally renowned Hastus vehicle and crew scheduling and optimization software modules. The German public transport provider obtained significant cost savings from the Hastus optimization solutions during the tests and pilot project. The RVB was also impressed with the software’s flexibility and powerful capabilities. Today, the Hastus scheduling software has become a center piece in the RVB’s support systems, maximizing quality of service while minimizing operating costs for their bus operations which serve the city of Regensburg in Bavaria.

“With Hastus we found a programme that in no time at all helped us to reduce unproductive, ‘empty’ mileage and the amount of shifts. Another important reason why the RVB chose Hastus is the speed at which Hastus provides answers to strategic questions,” states Frank Steinwede, Operations Manager at the RVB.

 “Beyond demonstrating the significant savings that could be achieved with Hastus during the preliminary tests and pilot project, an excellent rapport was established between the RVB and GIRO teams- fuelled by the shared enthusiasm for public transport, GIRO’s world-wide expertise and by the commitment of RVB’s personnel to provide their clientele with a superior and affordable public transportation system,” adds Alain Martinais, Marketing Director at GIRO.