Switzerland: Hastus Software Backs the Transports Publics Fribourgeois

To optimize public transport service on their territory and meet growing mobility needs, the Transports publics fribourgeois (TPF) seek innovative solutions. With Giro’s Hastus software suite, the Swiss company will be able to achieve better service cohesiveness between its urban/regional buses and its Regional Express Network (REN), thereby ensuring effective and high quality transportation planning for 300,000 people in the Fribourg region.

The TPF recently acquired several Hastus modules for medium- and short-term planning, as well as for the management of daily operations. A preliminary test with the MinBus optimization module is already showing significant savings. In 2012, the TPF procured Hastus tools for vehicle and crew scheduling, as well as for rostering. The Hastus suite, which will be in production in early 2015, will replace a third-party system that no longer meets the TPF’s growing requirements.

“For the TPF, the acquisition of the Hastus suite is part of a wider project that optimizes the operation of our network. To get the most out of our multimodality, we centralize planning tasks within the same department and regroup the road and rail operating centres,” explains Grégoire Ramuz, IT Manager at the TPF. “The Hastus implementation should help increase our network planning, optimization, and daily management efficiency. With Giro’s support, the implementation of the planning modules went smoothly and the balance of the project is on track.”

“With Hastus, the TPF will be able to offer a multimodal service that is even better adapted to the needs of their users,” states Marie-France Lafortune, director- public transport software at Giro. “This contract shows GIRO’s ability to respond quickly to our clients’ needs, as well as the flexibility of Hastus in handling multimodal operations.”