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CA: New VTA Hybrid Buses to Include Mobile WiFi Solution from SinglePoint Communications

The Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) has purchased 35 clean-energy buses from Gillig LLC. The mobile Wi-Fi component of the new bus operational systems comes via SinglePoint’s Wi-Fi In Motion Moovbox M220 mobile solution, 

These new hybrid diesel-electric buses complement the initial 20 vehicles VTA added to their fleet in January 2012. The sleek cherry red and silver buses are equipped with reading lights and reclining seats, convenient luggage racks and free Wi-Fi, making trips more comfortable and enjoyable for VTA customers. The Wi-Fi In Motion Moovbox M220 system consists of two parts: A rugged antenna about the size of a hockey puck that is mounted on top of each vehicle, and a 3G/4G router that can also connect to DRV / CCTV security system.

Installed in passenger transport vehicles worldwide, the MoovBox M220 meets all regulatory standards, including those for Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC), the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), and E-Mark, for those in European markets. For reliable Wi-Fi delivery, each SinglePoint M220 MoovBox offers dual modems, dual SIMs (allowing failover and geo-fencing), 4G LTE compatibility, 2 Ethernet ports, and integrated GPS, allowing agencies to track location of each train or bus.

“Thanks to the 4G Wi-Fi service on board our fleet we are able to get commuters out of their cars and onto public transportation, “ said VTA’s Technology Manager Richard Bertalan. “SinglePoint Communications’ Wi-Fi In Motion Moovbox 220 solution has enabled Silicon Valley commuters to keep connected from within the comfort of our buses and light rail trains.”

In addition to increasing customer comfort and connectivity, by partnering with local companies, VTA was able to offset installation costs. SinglePoint’s SingleREV program, a built-in advertising mechanism, continues to fund ongoing operation of their bus Wi-Fi.