Via Metropolitan Transit

TX: Via Introduces New Technology for Collecting Fares

After weeks of outreach to its riders, VIA Metropolitan Transit is now installing the fare boxes that support the new E-Fare system.

The new fare boxes are being installed throughout VIA’s fleet beginning tomorrow, November 20 and continuing over the next several days. During this transition period all valid transfers, tickets, or passes will be accepted on both the old and new fare systems. Any rider who is unsure which fare box is on the bus they are riding should ask the bus operator before attempting to pay their fare.

As the transition to the new E-Fare system takes place, it is important to remember the following:

  • The fares themselves are not changing in the E-Fare system, just how they are paid
  • Traditional paper transfer slips are being replaced by magnetic stripe cards that are dispensed directly from the fare box
  • Beginning Monday, November 25, the magnetic stripe cards can also be coded as Day Passes that are good for an entire day of rides on VIA buses
  • Beginning early 2014, the current, calendar-based monthly Big Passes will be replaced by electronic 31-Day Passes that can be purchased and activated at any time

With the E-Fare system VIA will have the capability to introduce future conveniences for its riders, including smartcards, online account management, ticket vending machines, mobile ticketing, and more.