Omaha Metro

NE: Metro Announces New Fareboxes

On Nov. 11, Metro Transit will introduce new fare collection equipment on its bus and paratransit fleet.

The SPX Genfare Odyssey Fareboxes replace a 23 year-old onboard system that has outdated technology and increasing mechanical failures.  The Odyssey provides Metro the ability to increase efficiency and on-time performance with improved boarding times, less maintenance and simplifies the process for the Operator to confirm the correct fare was deposited.

“The new fareboxes are necessary to provide our passengers with convenient and more efficient service,” said Curt Simon, executive director.  “The average lifespan of a farebox is 15 years. The old fareboxes are well past their effectiveness.”



  1.       Automatically validates and processes U.S. currency, all coins and bill denominations of $1, $2, $5, $10, $20.
    1.       Insert: One Coin-At-A-Time;
    2.       Insert:  One Flat Unfolded Bill At-A-Time.  Bills can be inserted face up or down and in any direction.
    3.       NOTE: Rejects counterfeit or foreign bills; Returns tokens and foreign coins.
  2.       Issues a Value Card in the amount of cash fare overpayment which is for use as future fare credit or can be combined with additional cash to make up the difference for a required fare.
    1.       The Value Card is good for 90 days;
    2.        Is not redeemable for cash;
  3.       An automated voice announcement is made alerting a passenger that they are using an expired transfer or prepaid fare; and, when a Metro ID must be shown to the Operator when using a reduced fare, collegiate pass, or employee program.
  4.       Digital Display showing passengers the cash fare deposited or prepaid fare inserted.


  1.       Fares and Transfer pricing;
  2.       All existing Metro prepaid ride cards, unlimited ride and collegiate passes;
  3.       When paying a fare with cash, urge having the exact fare, Operators do not carry change.