BYD Motors Inc.

CA: BYD Responds to Attacks from Critics

As the largest green technology electric bus and battery manufacturer in the world, BYD has pledged to invest significant resources in its new manufacturing operations in California.

BYD is sharing its electric bus and elite charging system technology for which it has approximately 500 patents, and its expertise in an environmentally-friendly product based on years of research and development. To transition its technology most smoothly, BYD in China has temporarily loaned some highly-experienced engineers, battery specialists and bus design specialists to transfer the company’s cutting-edge technology in China to its California employees. These knowledge experts are not displacing any American workers; rather, they are training and providing support to the approximately 40 California-based employees who BYD already has hired to start up its operations. BYD plans to hire many more California-based employees as our bus production commences.

Additionally, there have been reports that the Chinese knowledge experts helping our American employees are receiving pay that is less than California’s minimum wage of $8.00 per hour. In fact, during their temporary stay in California, BYD’s specialists earn average monthly compensation of the equivalent of approximately $2,200. They also receive free housing, and use of a company vehicle.

BYD considers its engineers to be its most valuable assets. In China, they only pay one-quarter of the market price to privately own high-class housing built by BYD, their children can attend a wonderful school built by BYD, and many receive bonuses, stock awards and participate in company profit sharing.

BYD will continue its commitment to deliver cost effective, sophisticated technology that will reduce emissions and improve our environment worldwide. BYD is equally dedicated to ensuring that its employees are treated fairly, with respect and in accordance with all applicable wage and hour laws in California and everywhere we do business.