Cooperative Alliance for Seacoast Transportation (COAST)

NH: COAST Continues to Add New Stops to Its North Bus Service

COAST’s North Bus has been providing safe, reliable service to Rochester for residents of Wakefield, Farmington, New Durham, Middleton, Milton, and Brookfield since April 2011. During that time COAST has worked to continually improve and expand the service in order to ensure that the North Bus meets the needs of its riders.

In addition to the grocery stores and pharmacies that the North Bus has always served, 5 new destinations are being added: Ben Franklin Crafts and the Salvation Army Thrift Store for shopping, Signal Street Laboratory for medical testing, Fuller Dry Cleaners, and the Rite Aid in Farmington. COAST will begin serving the new stops as of Nov. 5.

Riders who take advantage of the North Bus are picked up at their homes in a wheelchair accessible minibus and brought to their requested destinations along with their fellow riders. The minibus is driven by a volunteer who has been vetted and trained by COAST.

The North Bus currently brings riders to Market Basket, Walmart, the Lilac Mall, the Rochester Community Center and a number of other sites.

“We listen to the feedback from our riders and do our best to ensure that North Bus meets the needs of the community," explained Dianne Smith, COAST’s manager of coordination planning and operations.