UT: InComm Partners with Utah Transit Authority to Launch FarePay Card

InComm announced a partnership with the Utah Transit Authority (UTA) to launch the FarePay card.  Commuters can use the card to pay for fare on buses, trains and streetcars in Salt Lake City and the surrounding areas serviced by UTA.

The FarePay card will help those who prefer not to carry cash and parents who need to purchase fares for their children, while also making boarding buses and trains faster and easier for commuters. Through a partnership with Vix Technology, riders simply tap on and off buses and trains during their travels. UTA will sell the cards at over 300 InComm-integrated retail locations in the Salt Lake City metropolitan area.

“We’re thrilled to partner with InComm and offer this card to our commuters,” said Clair Fiet, UTA chief technology officer. “We knew we could rely on InComm’s technology and expertise to provide a solution for our commuters that would simplify the process of using and paying for our transportation services.  As more and more consumers move away from paying in cash for products and services, cards like FarePay are the preferred method of payment now and in the future.” 

Users pay just $3.00 to activate the FarePay card. It is a closed-loop card that can then be loaded with funds anywhere from $5 to $500. The card is universally reloadable, meaning that customers can get the card from one participating retailer, but reload funds onto it at another participating retailer. Furthermore, once the card is registered, if it is stolen, it can be canceled and funds can be returned.

“We’re seeing a trend within the transportation industry to provide ways for all consumers – whether they are purely cash-based or simply prefer not to pay using credit or debit cards – with alternative methods of payment such as reloadable cards,” said Phil Graves, executive vice president, InComm.  “By making these cards available to purchase and reload at various participating retail locations, consumers have more options than ever before to pay for and budget their transportation costs. We’re pleased to partner with UTA to provide the FarePay card and we are confident it will be well-received by commuters.”

Under the current setup, rail riders have to purchase tickets at kiosks before boarding trains or buses, but the new FarePay card will streamline that process by creating one card for bus, train and streetcar services. Commuters can now take the FarePay card straight from the participating retailer and go right to a Trax or a FrontRunner train station or a bus and board.

“Up to 25 percent of our customers still pay for single fares one at a time with cash and coins, leaving them with pockets full of change,” Fiet said.  “The new system will certainly make the payment process much more convenient.” 

UTA officials said another benefit of the card is the possibility that the technology will allow them to someday implement a fare system that is based on distance of the ride rather than a flat fee. The technology will enable them to track traffic and patterns more effectively, which can lead to better routes.