MN: Datacard Group Rounds Out its Complete MX Series Platform for Intelligent Card Issuance

Datacard Group announced Oct. 15 the addition of their latest expansion of the central card issuance product suite – the Datacard MX8100 card issuance system.

The MX8100 system is targeted at high volume applications allowing Datacard Group to support virtually any card program globally including payment cards, identification cards and driver’s licenses, etc.

Completing the company’s flagship MX Series Platform, the new MX8100 system joins the Datacard MX6100, MX2100, and MX1100 card issuance systems as part of the complete central issuance portfolio from Datacard Group. Customers can now pick the most appropriate central issuance systems to fit their needs offering a wide range of technologies and price points.

The MX8100 system is now the fastest high volume card issuance system from Datacard Group -- with speed, reliability and efficiency that lowers cost-per-card and enables faster real-world throughput in card operations with a rated speed of up to 3,000 cards per hour. The new MX8100 system offers card quality and system integrity, multi-layered security features and production efficiency all in one system.

“By rounding out our MX Series Platform with the MX8100 system, we are pleased to offer organizations a complete suite of products that can support virtually any configuration for card and secure ID programs in both financial and government markets,” said Dino Balafas, vice president, central issuance, for Datacard Group. “Our customers can take advantage of the significant benefits gained from a common software and technology platform, including optimizing soft costs such as training personnel, moving and reconfiguring equipment for demand, and utilizing common parts for reliable service. These all lead directly to a more efficient production environment.”

Unlike competitive systems, the MX8100 system also offers true field modularity, which means that entirely new or enhanced modules — with technologies and modules such as high speed embossing, quality assurance, streamlined smart card handling and a variety of sophisticated physical and logical security features — can be field-installed in a matter of minutes, which helps drive investment protection from Datacard Group.

Up to 40 modules can be configured in a variety of combinations within a single system. In addition, when utilizing an inline card delivery and an insertion system, the MX8100 system provides additional flexibility to enable a complete card-to-envelope solution.