CT: Mutualink Introduces Five New Products that Bring Emergency Communications to the ‘Edge’ with Desktop and Mobile Apps for Public Safety Personnel

Mutualink Inc. announced Oct. 15 the commercial availability of five new products that provide an expansion of its multimedia communication resource-sharing capabilities placing the company's interoperable collaboration suite where the users are: in the office, on the road and in the field. Referred to as the Mutualink Edge, they enable secure multimedia communications sessions on desktops, laptops, iPads, and smartphones.

Mutualink Edge extends that capability securely to any desktop in an organization as well as capitalizing on the proliferation of mobile devices like iPads, tablets, smartphones and laptops, to share voice, video, text and data within and among organizations. Security and sovereignty remain central to the Mutualink Edge, with its multi-level encryption and distributed architecture.

Mutualink Edge’s architecture and intuitive user interface allow for efficient utilization of Mutualink’s capabilities within an enterprise, while not sacrificing any of its time-tested value when communicating across multiple agencies.

Mobile multimedia communication sharing scenarios include:
• Police officers in the field with iPads or iPhones sharing live video, GPS location and other real-time info with command and control during a manhunt.
• EMTs using iPads sharing images of accident victims’ injuries to emergency room doctors before the ambulance even arrives at the hospital.
• Security personnel using an Edge-enabled laptop in a mobile vehicle patrolling a sports venue during a large-scale event. No additional equipment is needed in this scenario because of Mutualink’s flexible deployment capability.
• Linemen using smartphones or tablets to communicate with the power plant in real-time from the field, sharing images of downed power lines or other complications, and receiving instructions from HQ.

“Mutualink’s Edge functionality enables agencies to cost-effectively share resources regardless of the type of media, transport mechanism, or device,” said Colin McWay, president of Mutualink. “In effect, Mutualink’s platform goes with the device, and the device goes where the emergency is.”