Progressive AE

Progressive AE Wins Award for Sustainable Efforts

Progressive AE has earned the distinction as one of Michigan’s 101 Best and Brightest Sustainable Companies.

“We are proud to have our efforts toward improving sustainability recognized as one of the best in the entire state of Michigan,” said Bradley H. Thomas, P.E., Progressive AE’s president and CEO. “As designers of the built environment, we have the opportunity to make significant impact on the environment with best practices and long-term sustainable initiatives for our clients and ourselves.”

Progressive AE architects and engineers design high-performance “green” buildings that help clients realize economic benefits through higher productivity and lower operating costs; environmental protection by minimizing waste and pollution; and social equity by designing spaces that can be enjoyed by people of all abilities — the sustainable “triple bottom line.”

In addition to creating more environment-friendly spaces for others, Progressive AE has also found several areas to improve their own carbon footprint. By improving areas such as: building HVAC controls and monitoring, re-commissioned lighting, domestic hot water systems, and increased materials recycled to include plastics, metals, and glass, the firm has measured savings resulting in approximately $25,000 per year, and reduced its output of carbon dioxide by more than 120 tons.