Regional Transportation Authority - Chicago

RTA Adds Important New Alerts to Trip Planner - Real-Time Alerts Tied to Specific Route Info

The Regional Transportation Authority is adding an important new feature to its Trip Planner service, found at Specific route information alerts are now included in directions provided to the customer. If a customer asks for directions from the city to Aurora, and Metra is experiencing a temporary delay, the RTA Trip Planner now includes this information in the directions provided to the customer. Likewise, if a Chicago Transit Authority bus stop is eliminated for months due to construction nearby, this will also be noted in the directions the customer receives from the RTA Trip Planner.

“The two million riders on CTA, Pace and Metra each weekday need to know of any changes in their commutes as soon as possible,” says Joe Costello, executive director of the RTA. “That’s why we are now offering this up to the minute information. If a CTA station elevator is out of operation, it can have real repercussions for riders with disabilities and caregivers traveling with strollers. Now, they’ll be alerted to the change when they are given the directions and can make a more informed choice when choosing a route. Riders who use the RTA Trip Tracker now have these alerts at their fingertips, on their computers and mobile devices.”

RTA’s Trip Planner includes transit schedules and travel alerts for the CTA, Metra and Pace. The Trip Planner provides travel information using the region’s public transportation system, as well as driving, walking and bicycle directions.