Maryland Transit Administration (MTA)

MTA Ridership Down Slightly During Federal Shutdown

While there are fewer riders on MARC trains and commuter buses into Washington, D.C., it will not know the impact on revenue for sometime because most federal employee commuters purchase monthly passes for MARC and 10-trip tickets on commuter bus. These 10-trip tickets are valid for six months.

Early estimates are that MARC trains have been running with between 75 to 90 percent of the regular passenger load. This morning, the Brunswick line welcomed 3,172 passengers. A day earlier, 3,489 passengers rode the line.

The Camden line had 1,479 passengers this morning while 1,800 passengers rode the line Monday morning. Commuter bus ridership appears to be between 40 to 50 percent of average ridership but specific figures are not yet available.

In the short-term, MTA doesn't expect a big impact on revenues. The plan is to maintain its current schedule through the end of the week and reassess it again on Monday.