Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART)

No Negative Balances Allowed On Clipper Cards

Starting October 5, 2013, BART will require Clipper customers to have full fare on their Clipper cards to complete a ride on BART. Clipper card users will no longer be allowed to exit a BART station with a negative balance on their Clipper card. Just like with a BART blue ticket, those with Clipper cards that lack full fare will need to go to an Add Fare Machine and use cash to add enough value to your Clipper card to exit the station.

To avoid this extra step, BART encourages Clipper card holders to “Stay Positive!” and sign up for Autoload to always have enough value on your Clipper card. Autoload allows you to link your card to a credit card or bank account, and Clipper will automatically add value when your balance falls below $10. With Autoload, you can also take advantage of BART’s high value discount tickets. Learn more at