Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro)

Metro Motion Fall Edition in High Def Brings LA Metro Into Sharper Focus

Metro's popular quarterly cable television show is for the first time in high definition so that those beautiful buses look even better than before. Trains, too.

And of course the 30-minute show is filled with interesting stories about how transit is impacting our growing region, as well as suggestions for adventures we can take along the way.

In this edition, join us as we hunt for world class Korean food and find it just steps from the Purple Line subway. Grilled chicken is served with chili-infused side dishes to create a blissful assault on the senses. No harm; no foul.

Also in fall Metro Motion, meet the senior citizens squad that's taking Metro buses and trains by storm. They're seriously cool and seriously committed to learning the Metro system so they can create a more mobile life for themselves without a car.

Metro has a new Board Chair: Lakewood Council Member Diane DuBois. DuBois represents a highway-dependent segment of our county and believes that roads and mass transit are perfect partners for keeping our region on the move.

Around the world bus rapid transit (BRT) is easing traffic at costs lower than rail and built in a fraction of the time. BRTs come in many flavors and Metro is exploring several to excellent results. Star of the BRTs is the Metro Orange Line, which wins kudos for both design and ridership -- nearly 30,000 passengers a day! Find out where it came from and where it's headed as it leads the world in transit innovation.

And finally, Mike Ryan takes to two wheels for a ride along the Arroyo Seco bikeway nearPasadenawhere he stops to admire the flora, fauna and flavors.

For these stories and more, go to metro.net/metromotion. Metro Motion runs quarterly on cable stations throughout Los Angeles County.