Smartdrive Systems

CA: SmartDrive Safety Implementation at Veolia Transportation Results in $5 Million Drop in Annual Claims Cost and 50 Percent Reduction in Collisions

SmartDrive Systems released a new case study today on how its SmartDrive Safety program has helped Veolia Transportation to dramatically reduce claims and collision costs and significantly improve driving skills throughout its installed base of transit vehicles in North America.

The case study, available on the SmartDrive website, details Veolia’s results since installing the SmartDrive Safety video-based operator performance and safety program, including:

  • $5 million lower claims costs
  • 50 percent reduction in collision frequency in the first six months
  • A steady downward trend in unsafe driving, including an 88 percent reduction in speeding and a 94 percent reduction in unfastened seatbelts

“SmartDrive has been a critical link in helping us identify unsafe acts. Understanding the 300 unsafe acts leads to changing them, and that ultimately means our riders are safer,” said Shelly Hall, vice president of safety at Veolia Transportation. “The great thing about SmartDrive is how it really makes our operators understand what they are doing behind the wheel. The video helps them visualize it, process it and change what they are doing so, ultimately, they can be safer behind the wheel.”

SmartDrive Safety’s on-board video monitoring and coaching tools are designed to help transit operators like Veolia eliminate the riskiest driving maneuvers that can lead to collisions and drive up costs. All recorded event clips go through the SmartDrive Review Center where SmartDrive’s specialists provide video analysis services, including reviewing, scoring and prioritizing videos for coaching. This enables coaches to spend their time on the areas that will have the greatest operational and safety impact for the agency.

"Veolia has a strong culture of safety, and SmartDrive technology helps to make that culture stronger,” said SmartDrive CEO Steve Mitgang. “SmartDrive’s combination of on-board video, vehicle data capture and predictive analysis is a proven solution for agencies to identify and eliminate the riskiest driving maneuvers that lead to collisions and drive up operational costs.”

SmartDrive has installed 10,000 units in the last year alone for transit – spanning transit agencies, paratransit, and shuttle operators. Twenty-six transit agencies across the U.S. have deployed the SmartDrive solution.