Capital Area Transit (The CAT)

ND: New CAT Bus Riders Now Have an Easier Way to Learn How to Ride

Capital Area Transit (the CAT bus) just launched its “How to Ride” video, giving new riders an easier way to learn about getting around the Bismarck/Mandan area on the CAT bus.

The “How to Ride” the CAT bus video is made up of 10 chapters that give new riders detailed information and instructions on everything from the CAT’s history to how to board and depart the bus. Riders may choose to watch the individual chapters that they are interested in, or to watch all 10 chapters at once on the CAT YouTube Channel or website.

“We have noticed an increase in the number of calls to our office from new riders who have just moved to the area.” Said Robin Werre, transit director. “The CAT operates differently than a bus system in a much larger metropolitan city. These videos will be a great learning tool for those newcomers to see how it works. We also encourage local individuals who have never ridden the CAT before to watch the videos and give the CAT a try.”