Stertil-Koni Introduces ST 1085: New Heavy Duty Hydraulic Mobile Column Lift Series with Greater Capacity and Additional Features

Stertil-Koni announced Sept. 19 the introduction of the ST 1085, its latest innovation in high-performance, low-maintenance and safety-engineered mobile column vehicle lifts.

This new model features a lifting capacity of 18,500 lbs. per column and is equipped with extra-long adjustable pick-up forks of 14 inches. The width between the lifting forks is adjustable, so vehicles with variable wheel diameters can be lifted. The ST 1085 also features a multi master system, equipped with a control box on each individual column, so lifting columns can be operated individually, in pairs or a complete set. All columns are also interchangeable, so they can be used at multiple locations.

In making the announcement, Stertil-Koni President, Jean DellAmore, stated, “The new ST 1085 leverages our tremendous company expertise in reliable hydraulic technology, which ensures efficient and smooth lifting with low maintenance – every time.”

The ST 1085 takes 94 seconds to reach its maximum lifting height of 73 inches – making it one of the fastest mobile lifting columns in the world.

The ST 1085 is available in four control system options, including a wireless option. These lifts operate on 24 VDC, require no external power source to operate, communicate by ZigBee mesh protocol and are powered by standard deep cycle batteries that typically last up to two weeks prior to recharging. The ST 1085 is also available with:

• Superior controls, permitting operation of up to 28 columns in a set with a fully functioning control box on each column
• Battery controls, allowing operation of a maximum of 8 columns in a set without a building power supply
• EarthLift, an increasingly popular wireless option that is the first hydraulic green mobile column lift in the industry. Its columns are made with components that are 98 percent recyclable and the active energy retrieval system allows operators to achieve 35 percent more lifting cycles at maximum lifting load. EarthLift also uses a closed hydraulic system that contains bio-degradable oil and the batteries are 100 percent recyclable.

Regardless of control system, each Stertil-Koni mobile lifting column is indeed "mobile." Thanks to the synthetic wheels and a hydraulic pallet jack mechanism, which incorporates a gas spring. The ST 1085 also is available with detachable transport pockets to lift and transport the mobile column lift quickly with a fork lift.

Concluded DellAmore, “Stertil-Koni is extremely proud to deliver heavy duty lifting systems that provide optimal performance, safety and durability. Toward the end, we employ a core group of research and development engineers who continually strive to innovate and bring to market new enhancements that take the heavy duty lift industry to new heights.”