Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART)

CA: BART Issues Statement on Latest in Labor Negotiations

BART spokesman Rick Rice issued the following statement about labor negotiations:

“BART is ready to meet at any time the mediator calls us to the table. Gaps in the calendar have nothing to do with BART's availability as we are available every day. There isn't a problem with the process. There is a problem with the lack of willingness on the union's part in working towards the middle.

"The union’s latest offer is anything but 'cost-saving.' It is financially unsustainable for the District, costing nearly $150 million dollars for a four year contract. Even with their latest proposal, which only moved a sliver at best, we remain $112 million apart.

"BART is fully committed to negotiating a deal but our partners need to be willing to show the same type of movement BART has made over the last several months. ‎ BART will meet every day, from now until a deal is reached, and we are 100 percent committed to avoiding a strike. Our responsibility is to keep the Bay Area moving and we are committed to continuing to play that role.”