Regional Transportation Authority - Chicago

IL: RTA Mails New Ventra Permits to Reduced Fare Customers

The Regional Transportation Authority (RTA) is mailing the new Ventra permits to the reduced fare, ride free and ADA paratransit customers.

Customers who currently have an RTA Ride Free, reduced fare or ADA paratransit permit will receive a new Ventra permit for use on the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA), Metra and Pace. All customers should receive their new permits by the end of November, 2013.

Reduced fare, ride free and ADA paratransit customers will use their new permits on Metra just as they do today. Reduced fare customers will present their permits, along with payment, to a Metra ticket agent or conductor when purchasing their tickets. Ride free customers will simply present their permit to the Metra conductor. Initially, ADA paratransit riders will continue to pay for their ADA paratransit rides using cash or Pace ADA one ride tickets. They will be able to use their permits to pay for their rides on ADA paratransit vehicles at a later date.

The new Ventra permit has no fees for transit use, though a $5 monthly transit account dormancy fee will apply to reduced fare and ADA paratransit customers who do not use their Ventra Transit Account for 18 consecutive months. CTA and Pace fares will remain the same and cash will still be accepted on CTA and Pace buses.

Applications to enroll in RTA fare programs can be obtained on the RTA website and at the customer service center. Customers can also call RTA Customer Service to have an application mailed to them. 

In June, the RTA mailed more than 550,000 reduced fare, ride free and ADA paratransit customers mailers about the transition to Ventra.