CA: New Metro Buses Equipped With Q'Pod

Q’Straint’s Q’Pod will be installed in the 550 new New Flyer Xcelsior 40-foot heavy-duty compressed natural gas buses recently ordered by the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro).

“We have set the high standards for safety, performance, reliability and convenience when it comes to serving the residents of our community,” said Richard Hunt, general manager, transit capital programs for Metro. “By installing two Q’Pod's on each of these new buses, we are offering our mobility riders a safe, secure and convenient way to ride that keeps everyone moving at full speed.”

Q′Pod secures virtually all styles of wheelchairs with a simplified operation that allows for quicker securement times and reduced vehicle dwell time. It is the first complete wheelchair station that can be bolted into the vehicle and an integrated shoulder belt eliminates the need for window brackets. Q’Pod’s stabilizing bumper, in combination with the front tensioner and scooter ring, deliver an ADA approved 3-point securement that eliminates a trip hazard.

According to members of the L.A. Metro training staff, the three point Q’Pod with its placement of wheelchair securement straps, self-tightening features and the efficient placement of the occupant restraint system makes use of the securement system so much easier for the operator. “Our instructors consistently said that the Q’Pod system was easier and faster to use, placed less stress on the operator’s body and was less intrusive with the customer,” Hunt said.