Greater Richmond Transit Company (GRTC)

VA: GRTC Hosts RVA Street Festival

When the organizers of the 2013 RVA Street Art Festival asked the GRTC Transit System Board of Directors to use its retired bus depot as this year’s Art Festival site, with the festival theme focused on transportation, the board unanimously and enthusiastically agreed to provide the festival site.

Located on Cary Street, between Davis and Robinson, the site served Richmond as a transit depot for over 100 years until the bus operation moved into its new headquarters in January, 2010.

The 2013 RVA Street Art Festival will feature public art and sculpture sessions Sept. 11-15. It will incorporate painting, sculpture, and projects in collaboration with the University of Richmond.

Sculptors will create works from materials found on site, including parts from old buses.

Painters will use the white walls of the buildings and fences to create their murals.

There will be a multimedia exhibition entitled “Keep on Rolling: Stories and Portraits of GRTC Operators.” It will feature photo portraits of, and sound interviews with, GRTC bus operators, who have observed pivotal moments in Richmond history.