Q'Straint Announces The Q'ube 3-Point Securment Station

Q’Straint announced Sept. 9 the availability of a new Q’ube 3-Point Securement Station that features an innovative Sliding Bumper that provides critical stabilization and tip-over prevention that the ADA requires for 3-Point Securement.

It was designed for transit operators that need to maintain maximum passenger seating capacities in 2+2 seating layouts: A 2-passenger forward facing flip seat combined with a 2-passenger aisle facing flip seat.

The Q’ube 3-Point was designed as a fully adaptable, complete bolt-in solution that can be mounted for many vehicle applications without the need to run cables or wires. The user-friendly design helps operators maintain schedules and reduce dwell times on fixed-route buses by integrating a single-motion mechanical delay release that significantly reduces wheelchair securement time and effort. A wide assortment of brackets and occupant solutions were developed to ensure that Q’ube 3-Point is adaptable to virtually any fleet.

“Our goal with the Q’ube 3-Point was efficiency: preserving seating capacities with a minimum footprint, easy installation and offering a cost-effective solution,” said Bob Joseph, Q’Straint vice president of business development. “It required some clever new patent-worthy engineering to achieve an ADA approved 3-point securement in such a compact space.”

With 3-passenger aisle facing securements there is sufficient length for Q’Straint’s patented stabilization bumper. In 2-Flip seats, it was necessary to develop a sliding bumper that can be extended beyond the width of the seats to assure proper securements, yet stows out of the way when not in use. A front tensioner features a J-hook and scooter ring that combine to safely secure the wheeled mobility device against the bumper. This cost-effective system simplifies installation and optimizes seating capacity.

“Several transit properties that had selected Q’Pod for all their new vehicles were looking for a solution that could be retrofitted into existing buses running high-capacity routes,” said Q’Straint Sales Director Jim Reaume. “By trickling down some of our high-end technology to this modular retrofit, we are able to provide a system that satisfies the customer needs of cost and space efficiency.”

The Q’ube 3-Point features include:

  •  A sliding bumper that is either hand or foot operated reducing operator bending and injury potential
  • Heavy duty stainless steel construction that is durable and corrosion resistant
  • Rubber surfaced stabilization bumper that securely grips the wheels of mobility devices
  • A popup hand lever that stores out of the way when not in use
  • Recirculating ball bearing design for heavy duty strength and smooth operation
  • Automatic return of the sliding bumper to the storage position with a touch of the release lever