Code Blue Corporation

Code Blue Shines Bright with New Beacon/Strobe

Code Blue Corp. is proud to announce the immediate release of the S-1000, a high-intensity and energy-efficient beacon/strobe light that sets the standard for emergency signaling and lighting in call boxes and towers.

Available on all new Help Point orders, the S-1000 is a high-powered 92 candela beacon/strobe that shines bright even in direct sunlight.

The S-1000 outshines the competition with an impressive 375 flashes per minute and 21 programmable flash rates without sacrificing power consumption or the 100,000-hour LED life. With a footprint identical to Code Blue's previous lights, retrofitting existing Help Points will be easy for installers.

"With the S-1000, Code Blue is able to shine even brighter as a beacon for those in need," Code Blue Chief Operations Officer David Cook said. "Highly visible lighting is a crucial component of emergency signaling, and we are dedicated to providing the best option available."

For Help Points equipped with a NightCharge or Solar Array Module, the S-1000 will come equipped with a photocell sensor that adjusts to surrounding light levels to conserve power.