Blip Systems

UK: Blip Systems and Smart CCTV Announce Partnership to Deliver Wireless Solution to Traffic Tormented British Cities

In a world where more and more cars fill up already congested roads, the need for innovative solutions to ease the traffic is vital. Today road authorities spend millions on expensive and high maintenance technologies to measure and analyse road traffic, so when Smart CCTV learned that Blip Systems made an easier and less expensive solution to collect traffic data, called BlipTrack, the two companies decided to partner with the objective of implementing the technology to British roads and cities.

Commenting on the agreement Nick Hewitson, managing director of Smart CCTV Ltd, said “We have been looking at products in this area for about 18 months and we believe that the Blip Systems solution offers not only a highly robust sensing technology but also a world-class cloud-based traffic management tool which makes the BlipTrack system easy to install, maintain and it is highly cost effective.”

“We see a high potential for BlipTrack in the U.K. market and together with Smart CCTV we can deliver competitive and customized ITS solutions to British road authorities,” said Blip Systems Sales Director Preben Andersen.

This is Blip Systems fifth announced partnership in 2013.

BlipTrack works by placing small sensors in strategic key points such as in road networks. By tracking Bluetooth and Wi-Fi devices, such as mobile phones, tablets and hands-free installations in cars, it is possible to measure flow and calculate travel time. The ability to obtain traffic flow data in real time offers highway authorities the ability to proactively manage the road network to minimize delays and congestion. This leads not only to significant economic benefits but also an improvement in air quality in urban areas. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technologies can be used for travel time measurement, because the technologies are now ubiquitous. More and more people use smart phones with both built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi and at the same time, more and more cars have hands-free systems installed. The collected data is encrypted and contains no personal data, ensuring complete privacy.