Wago Introduces New TobJobs Current Transformer

Wago Corporation's new TopJobs current transformer disconnect terminal blocks simplify current transformer testing, as well as increase safety, within power monitoring applications.

Designated the 2007 Series, these CT disconnect terminal blocks feature an orange three-position disconnect lever. Engaging the lever fully automatically short-circuits the transformer when using the required adjacent push-in jumper.

"This is vital, as transformers must be short-circuited on the secondary side prior to testing," said Michelle Goeman, product manager for Wago Corp. "If a low-resistance load is absent, a significant increase in voltage could occur, posing a threat to people and equipment, when troubleshooting or calibrating relays, meters, instruments, and control systems."

At just 99mm long and 8mm wide, the 2007 Series CT Disconnect Terminal Blocks reduce panel space by up to 55 percent and associated costs by up to 25 percent when compared to traditional test switch products. Its touch proof design does not require a separate cover to be installed which eases access to test plugs and meter connections. Four marking locations help ensure wiring accuracy: on the disconnect link, on top of the terminal block and on the sides. Marking is provided via WMB marker tags or a continuous marking strip.

Available in through or ground connection versions, the 2007 Series employ Cage Clamps spring pressure technology for conductor sizes 20-8 AWG. This eliminates lugs, crimps and torqueing to make all connections maintenance-free. A full complement of accessories is available; including test plugs, a lock-out plug and an optional mechanical link to gang disconnect levers together.