Amsoil Inc.

Amsoil Introduces New OE Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid

Amsoil introduces new OE Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid, available in multi-vehicle and fuel-efficient formulations.

Amsoil OE Synthetic ATF provides all the benefits of a quality synthetic at an attractive price point. It provides outstanding protection in normal and severe service, resisting wear on vital parts and extending transmission life.

Amsoil OE Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid is thermally stable and guards against the effects of thermal breakdown. It helps components stay clean by resisting heat-related evaporation and viscosity loss. It provides reliable cold-weather performance and remains fluid in sub-zero temperatures for fast, reliable shifts during cold starts. Its excellent low-temperature fluidity also maximizes fuel efficiency.

Formulated with friction modifiers, Amsoil OE Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid promotes shudder-free starts and smooth clutch engagement. Seal conditioners help prevent seals and gaskets from drying out and cracking, reducing the risk of fluid leaks.

Amsoil OE Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid is suitable for a wide variety of applications and provides excellent protection for the longer service intervals now recommended by vehicle manufacturers.