Code Blue Corporation

Code Blue Unveils Versatile, Compact, IP Emergency Speakerphones

Code Blue Corp. announced the release of its new emergency speakerphones, the
IP1500 and IP2500, which work in indoor and outdoor locations like hallways, stairwells, classrooms, subway cars, parking garages, elevators and door entries.

The addition of these phones to a catalog that includes Code Blue’s signature Help Points and the recently released Blue Alert First Responder software suite provides a complete security solution – both inside and out.

“Code Blue understands how important it is for consumers to have all of their emergency communication systems operating on one central platform,” Chief Operating Officer David Cook said. “With the addition of these phones, customers now have more compact options for emergency signaling.” 

Available as lightweight surface and flush mounts that are vandal, UV and weather resistant, both the IP1500 and IP2500 offer full duplex VoIP functionality, providing clear sound clarity for both the caller and operator. Fault monitoring and self-reporting, a key UL 2017-certified feature of all Code Blue phones, eliminates regular maintenance checks, while a convenient auxiliary output can be used to trigger a light, door or gate. They also are ADA compliant, FCC certified and Cisco compatible.

At 4.5 inches square, the IP1500 is small enough to be easily included in any construction plan. The 1500 is constructed of 16-gauge aluminum and available in safety blue.

The IP2500 is made of 16-gauge stainless steel, measuring 7.37 x 7.125 inches for the surface mount and 9 inches square for the flush mount, with single- and dual-button options as an additional benefit.

The IP1500 and IP2500 will be shipped in October. For more information or to place an order, contact Code Blue or an authorized Code Blue Dealer.