International Monorail Association (IMA)

Korea: MonoRailEx 2013 Conference & Trade Show Attracts Worldwide Attention

Many monorail projects around the world are in progress of planning or under construction. Heavy populated countries like China, India, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Brazil, Nigeria, Iran, Saudi Arabia and many more see the benefit of automated and elevated public transport. Several lines are under construction, also in Korea. The recently completed Green-line 2 of the Korean City of Daegu, is the best example of a modern Monorail Mass Transit system.

MonoRailEx 2013 Conference and Trade Show Oct. 7-8 in Daegu, Korea, provides quality information about this fast growing alternative safe and efficient means of moving large numbers of people. This two-day event will bring international Monorail experts where they can share information and experience a first trip on the recently completed green-line 2 monorail.