Phoenix Contact

Modern Surge Protection for Railroads

Phoenix Contact’s new VAL-MS BE-AR line of surge protective devices (SPDs) modernizes lightning protection for the railroad industry.

The BE-AR line combines advanced connection and hybrid surge protection technologies, reducing the cost of labor and unnecessary replacement parts for wayside track equipment and improving track uptime.

The BE-AR line of products provides significant advantages over existing American Association of Railroad (AAR) connection and protection practices in one easy-to-install solution. The BE-AR devices are four times faster to install and maintain than traditional AAR ice-cube-style SPDs. This quick connection can result in significant labor and maintenance savings as railways modernize their wayside equipment to meet federal positive train control (PTC) mandates.

Phoenix Contact technologies provide this rapid track-side field connection through cage-clamp terminals and quick-disconnect test points. Improved protection levels and visual status indication provided on hot-swappable surge protection plugs reduce equipment damage while providing a rapid, safe method for replacement.

The BE-AR line also complies with the best practice guidelines set forth in the AREMA C&S manual. In addition, the remote monitoring feature offers critical real-time feedback of protection status to maximize track uptime.