Teknoware Oy

Finland: Teknoware Involved Strongly in Major Finland Domestic Rail Transport Projects

Teknoware Oy has been selected by HKL (Helsinki City Transport) to supply interior lighting solutions for the new Artic generation of city trams and for the new Helsinki metro trains.

Teknoware is also supplying the lighting for VR's new double decker ERd restaurant coaches. All of the products for these projects will be produced at Teknoware's factory in Lahti. The company has had long-term customer relations with the domestic supplier of the new trams and ERd railway coaches Transtech, as well as the Spanish metro carriage supplier CAF.

LED interior lighting for new Artic tram line

Teknoware will implement the interior lighting in 40 Artic trams using LEDs. Each car will be lit with two direct and two indirect lines of lights. Special attention has been paid to energy efficiency in the lighting, which is achieved through an active dimming function, where a control unit adjusts the brightness of the interior lighting of the vehicle by means of sensors according to external lighting conditions. Lighting deliveries will begin in 2015 and end in 2018.

The new Artic tram models with low floors for easy access will start operating in autumn this year with two trams. The first test run was made with passengers on Aug. 12.

Light ceiling for ERd restaurant coaches

Teknoware will supply LED light ceilings for the downstairs of the new double-deck restaurant coaches for the VR (Finnish State Railways) trains, and LED active dimming lighting lines and spot lights for the upstairs of the coaches. The light ceiling can be adjusted to four different lighting levels.
Deliveries for the interior lighting for 26 restaurant coaches began this year in August and will continue until the end of 2015. The appearance of the carriages follows VR's green visual image.

Modern LED light line supplied for new CAF (Construcciones y Auxiliar de Ferrocarriles S.A.) metro trains

Teknoware will supply continuous LED light lines for 20 new Helsinki metro trains. The light lines will illuminate the aisles of the coaches in addition to the advertising signs on the walls. The design of the new light line requires a wide range of expertise in both electronics and optics so that the lighting is distributed evenly between the aisles and the advertising signs. The lighting deliveries for the project are scheduled for 2014 and 2015.